Teach languages using Internet

teach languages using internet

Teach languages from home using the
Internet and Skype.


If you can teach a language to foreign language students in a classroom or in private language lessons, then you can teach languages using the internet.

Teaching languages using internet means that you can get many more language
students than in the area where you live. And all from the comfort of your home.


Advantages of teaching languages using the internet:
teach from home, the office, from when you are on holiday, or from anywhere
teach language students from all over the world
teach languages at any time of the day or night
no travel costs to a language school or to private homes
no time spent in travelling to language lessons
no costs in renting out language school premises
teach languages using the internet as often or as little as you want
don't need to wear a tie and you can smoke whilst teaching


How to teach languages using internet ?
Use Skype to teach languages via the internet


What do I need to teach languages using Skype ?
If you already have Skype and use it to call friends then you
have all you need to teach languages over the internet.

If you do not yet have Skype - then you can download it for free.
You will also need the ability to speak and listen through your computer
either using the internal audio and microphone or using external headphones
and microphone, both of which can be bought for a few euro, pounds or dollars.

A webcam is not necessary. It's just a gimmicky option.
Most Skype teachers and skype students prefer NOT to use a webcam,
because the student concentrates on the language text book, needs to listen
to the teacher, and a webcam is only a distraction - and slows down the connection.


What language textbooks do I use to teach languages using internet ?
Use any language text book or course you already use and are familiar with.
Useful is to use a course which has both a teacher's book and a student's book.
For example the New English File series has both and is ideal for teaching English
using the internet.
Obviously, your eventual or future students should also get the same
textbook or teaching material that you use but most students will have a good school/language bookstore nearby and most language textbooks can be bought
anywhere in the world - even online.


How exactly does it work - teaching languages using internet ?
Both you and student have Skype
Both you and student have the same teaching material
Student finds you on the internet and contacts you
You both work out the details, teaching time and pricing.
Student pre-pays you 5 or 10 or even 20 lessons in advance
by bank payment or even Paypal.
You then agree on a time, connect via Skype,
and you teach and the student learns.


How much can I charge per hour for teaching languages using internet?
You can charge whatever you like, but follow some logical guidelines for your language teaching pricing. After all, you will be teaching languages from home saving on travelling costs and even saving on language school premises rental.
So you should charge less that the local language schools charge.
Also, it depends on how much you need the language teaching work.
If you are an unemployed language teacher, then 8 euro an hour, for 4 hours a day,
which make 32 euro for half a day's work, are probably better than not teaching at all,
or working in a factory.
Be competitive to start with.


How do I find students on the internet for teaching languages ?
You have several options:

Teaching languages using the web via your own website.
We can help you here and for Euro 250 we can create a 3 page website for you,
including a good domain name, web hosting and language teaching optimization.

Advertise in national and international newspapers or websites.

Get inserted into a language teaching internet directory, for example:


How many students can I teach over the internet ?
Usually, teaching languages using the internet is a one on one scenario.
One teacher and one student.
But Skype also offers conference calls where you can teach a group of students at once.
All depends on if you can coordinate a group of students who have a similar level of knowledge of the language you teach.
If you are new to teaching languages using internet then start with a one on one student/teacher scenario and once you build up your student base you can
try and combine them together.


Need help to start to teach languages using internet ?


Teaching languages using the internet is not only the future,
it is here now, with many language teachers already teaching
languages using internet and Skype.


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